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Junk Car Removal: The Facts and Fictions of Junk Car Towing


Today many people have a totaled, derelict and un-drivable car occupying space in their junkyard or driveway. Most often they feel at a loss on what to do with it or how to proceed to eliminate it. Many are hesitant to consider the tow truck services specializing in removing these junk cars. They feel too unsure about it and fear being scammed of not getting a fair price for their junk car. There are too many myths surrounding it. Here, we try to lay bare the facts and fictions of losing that old jalopy.

Fiction1. Junk cars can remain sitting forever in the driveway as they are harmless.

Fact: You would agree with me that a completely totaled car cannot make your driveway look charming and appealing. Apart from this fact, it can also be dangerous to your driveway. It presents numerous threats in the form of sharp edges of hanging glasses or protruded metal pieces to even poisonous and environmental hazards from leaking fluids from the car like antifreeze, oil, or even gasoline. All-in-all, it presents itself as extremely risky to your family members as well as your property. Getting your tow truck service to junk haul it would definitely enhance the safety of your family as well as your property.

Fiction2. Tow truck services do not remove junk car that does not drive or roll.

Fact: Most tow truck services have special junk car hauling services which take any vehicle, regardless of its condition. They specialize in collecting any cars and truck irrespective of its age, size or level of deterioration. Most of them utilize a flatbed tow truck for its removal. Thus, even if your junk vehicle has no wheels, broken axles, crumpled frames or any other havoc; it barely makes a difference to the towing company. They are well trained and well equipped to remove just about any junk car.

Fiction3: Junk car pickups are too expensive to be worthwhile.

Fact: If you would only realize the value of your old car or truck, you would end up asking the car removal and tow truck services to pay you instead of the other way around! No matter how damaged the car is; their metal can easily be recycled for scrap. Because of this advantage, you pay nothing to have that dead piece towed away from your driveway. It is them who actually pay you for your car. The value that they offer you will vary depending on the condition of the car and its component parts! Beware of any tow truck service that tries to charge you for towing that junk. A little research on the net will update you about how to determine the fair value of your junk car. This knowledge gives you the arsenal to negotiate and bargain with the junk haulers and get a fair value for your vehicle. Thus, getting your dead item towed away would actually generate some extra income for you.


So, now that you know what exactly junk tow truck service is, you can actually give a buzz to a reliable junk removal company and have them clear away your driveway or junkyard. This will make your property safer, aesthetically more pleasing and definitely some extra cash in your pocket.



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Important Tips When Looking for Towing Services

No one is ever prepared for that day when you will require towing services. You can get stuck on the road at any time and when it happens, the first thing that crosses your mind is getting to Google search engine and browsing for towing services. However, there is need to consider the following before picking the phone to call a towing company:

  • Recommendation from friends, your insurance company, or your family: A person who has ever been in your situation before is in the best place to know how towing companies operate. It will, therefore, be important to seek their opinion so that you make an informed decision.

You can also call your insurance company and ask for recommendations on the best towing company and you will get help in choosing a credible company.

  • Availability: You should opt for a towing company that will provide their services any time they are needed. Some towing companies will take a long time to respond to a customer’s call leading to a lot of inconvenience on your side. Always choose a company that provides prompt services within the shortest possible time.
  • Fulfillment of legal requirements: The towing company chosen must have a license to offer towing services and must also be insured. If a company is operating without valid documents, it cannot be trusted to offer credible services.
  • Cost of towing services: you should inquire the charges of the towing service’ and if possible ask if they will agree on a fixed price. You should trust a company that is transparent and one that does not have hidden charges.
  • Good customer service practices: The staff in a towing company should be friendly to the customers and have a good knowledge of the business at hand. A reputable company with unreliable staff cannot be trusted.
  • Extra services offered: You should check out for a company that offers other services besides towing. Such services could include jumpstarting services, heavy duty towing services, and also lockout services.
  • Customers’ reviews of the towing companies: You can search online for reviews of customers who have used the services of different towing companies and choose the company with the most positive reviews.
  • Location of the towing company: You should check a towing company that can easily get to the place where you need the services. With this, you can be sure that they will get to you faster than the company that is located far from your location.
  • Size of your vehicle: You should choose a towing company that has a towing truck that is strong enough to tow your vehicle. For instance, if you’re a vehicle is a trailer, you will need a company that specializes in heavy equipment.

The choice of a towing company will also be determined by the reason you need the towing services. Some companies offer specialized services and you will only get help from them if your problem falls into the category of the services offered. It is important to choose and establish contact with a company before an issue that requires the services of a towing company arises. When this is done, you will have a reliable company to help you instead of making a wrong choice when you are in problems. Do not accept the services of a towing truck you are not familiar with as your safety as well as that of your vehicle is not guaranteed.



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How to Establish a Towing Company

Establishing a towing truck company is a profitable venture though it requires a huge amount of capital. It will also take up a lot of your time to plan and market your business so that you can start earning from the huge investment. Below is a simplified procedure that you can follow in setting up your towing company:

  • Make a plan: You will need to identify the towing services you wish to offer which could either be post-accident services, breakdown, or illegal parking.

You will also need to find ways to fund the operation of the company including the marketing strategies that will be geared towards the expansion of your business.

  • Get the trucks for use in the towing business: You can begin with one truck and buy more as the business continues to grow. Consider buying a flat-bed and a wheel-lift towing truck which has the capacity to tow larger vehicles that cannot be moved by the hook-and-chain towing truck.
  • Get your company licensed by the relevant authorities So that you can win the trust of your clients. People will trust you more when they are sure that your operations are legalized and you have all the required details
  • Insure your company for any damages, or injuries that may happen in the course of running the company.
  • Get a physical location for your business as customers will trust you with their vehicles more when they know where to find you in case a problem arises in the course of towing a vehicle.
  • Market your towing company: Invest in efficient marketing strategies to ensure that you reach as many people as possible and inform them of your towing services. You can liaise with local gas stations, shops that repair vehicles, police departments, among others so that in case anyone calls them asking for recommendations, they will refer them to your company.
  • Get qualified drivers for your towing trucks: You will not get far with your company if you employ people who do not know how to operate a towing vehicle. Get someone who is well versed in the business as he will easily win the trust of your company.
  • Employ a receptionist who has great communication skills who will be able to handle customers’ calls and contact the drivers in case a customer calls and needs help. You will gain the trust of your customers if you respond to customers promptly and ensure they get help as soon as possible.

A successful towing company must ensure that once a customer contacts them requesting for services, he will be served in such a way that he will never seek services elsewhere. Such a client will refer many more customers to you and before you know it, you will be having more customers than you can handle. You can employ driver and receptionists who will be able to work in shifts as this will ensure that there is always a person ready to attend to customers at any time of the day or night. You should also ensure that your trucks remain in good shape so that they will not break down in the process of towing other vehicle


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